Thanks to the God for blessing us and make this blog finally released. Its always be a great honour for me to meet all of Radiographer in all over the world, especially in Indonesia, The College Student of TRO, The lecturer, and all of alumni from ASRO, PAMRAD, APRO, ATRO, which is now caled by POLITEKNIK KESEHATAN DEPKES JAKARTA II JURUSAN TEKNIK RADIODIAGNOSTIK DAN RADIOTERAPI, and also every visitors and participant, that maybe doesn't know the meaning of "RADIOGRAFER".

I really hope that, it could be usefull to all Radiographer, alumni, Lecturer, and also the college student, to get information about radiography, job vacation, and also to find a career that suitable for alumni of Jur TRO besides the radiographer.

This blog also bring a good opportunity to all responder, especially the student and lecturer who needs to publish the scription or journal.

And to all alumni who has information about job vacancy or career opportunity, can send the information to or

We're waiting for your comment and your information.

The good information will bring you a good vision.


Wahyu Hidayat
Poltekkes Depkes Jakarta II
Jurusan Teknik radiodiagnostik dan Radioterapi
Jl. Hang Jebat III/F3 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan